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How to make a movie poster GIF.


requested by anon

endresult here

Welcome to this tutorial. If you know how to make a gif, this is very easy. If you don’t know how to make one, check this tutorial out.

Once you imported the clip you want to use, make sure you crop or scale the image down to 500 pixels. You do this with the “Image Size” (cmd+alt+i or Image -> Image Size) or Canvas Size(cmd+alt+c or Image -> Canvas Size) tools.

Now you can create the canvas you want for the poster. I like the size 500px x 650px. Go to the Canvas Size tool.

Type in 650 pixels to the “height box” and fix the anchor like I did in the image below.

Now make a new layer.

Move this layer under the lowermost layer and fill it with 100% black.

Do this by going to Edit -> Fill or by clicking shift + f5 (fn+ shift + f5 for those who use a macbook).

Then check “black” in the “Use” pop down and press OK.

Now you have to smoothen out the transition between the black background and your GIF.

Make a new layer and move it over the topmost layer of your GIF.

Choose a soft large brush and carefully paint over the image. Make sure you use a low opacity for this, because this will make it easier for you.

Now you can colour the image. Use a PSD you like or do it yourself. If you don’t know any PSD files, you can check out mine or lookbackseeforward’s ones. I did it like this:

Now it’s time for the text. The “trick” is simple. I just copied the font of the original movie poster.

Drag this to your image. (Just click in the image and drag it to your file with your mouse.)

Now scale it to the right size.

Choose the “Magic Wand” Tool and a tolerance between 20 and 50.

This will probably only work if the contrast between font and background is quite high. Now click on the background colour and the Magic Wand will select all the colours around the font. If you need to add more colours to the Wand’s choice, hold the “Shift” Button pressed, while adding other parts of the image.) Press the delete button.

Now you can erase the rest of the image with a soft eraser. (This is easier than picking up all the colours with the Wand tool.)

I also added the credits that are usually on a movie poster. I added the credits of the Deathly Hallow poster, because one can barely read it, and I found this one in a quite good resolution ;).

Do as you did with the film font: Drag the image to your gif and erase everything you don’t need by using the Magic Wand and the Eraser tool.

You can also paint with black over some parts.

At last, I added a texture to the GIF. You can find the one I added here. (I’m so sorry that I can’t give a credit, but I don’t who originally made this texture. If you know who made it, please let me know!)

I also set the layer style to screen and softened some parts with a soft eraser to make it look more smooth.

That’s basically all. :) I can’t give so much detailed properties, because a lot depends on the GIF you’re using, like colours, fonts, contrast and so on. If you have any questions, please ask me. :) I will try to give advice if possible. 

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